Here at TBB, I like to think that I don’t just talk about gaming, but also issues relating to gaming.

I had met and hung out for a while with a good chunk of gamers, and we’re really not a talky bunch. As a matter of fact, I could never imagine being gay and a gamer, as that would just explode into a fireball of ignorance.

This occurs, I guess, because of our dreaded internet spawn, anonymity.

Funny word, serious consequences.

With anonymity, I see a lot of things in gaming that just out right disgust me. It caused me to become frustrated with WoW, and quit, way back in the day.

It’s why I can’t believe I even touched Modern Warfare 2 let alone played it for 2 prestige levels.

It’s why I try to avoid, like the plague, most games with some kind of focused, objective based multi-player.


I can’t help that certain games are just amazing, and must be played multi-player.

For example, I love WoW, and I actually enjoy most of the battlegrounds…

But then… well, then we get the so-and-so who decides that “well, clearly it’s not me who failed, since this is a group game, but everyone else individually!”

And things like that rub me the wrong way.

See, I’m one of those honor and integrity guys, or at least I try to be, in real life and in games.

I mean, granted, I fail, A LOT. I’m actually more of an asshole now then ever, but for some stupid reason, I still try to be a somewhat decent human being, even in games.

But just like in real life, decent human beings get shit on as much as possible.

I was running around trying to get my Ironforge reputation up by doing the low level quests near Ironforge (for those of you who had that all go over thier head, just bear with me for a bit, it’ll make sense.)

There was a low level running around, and I was trying to stay out of his way, as I was just there for a specific reason. But Mr. Gnome decided to run around and get in trouble, and then yell at me to help him.

So I did.

No biggie, even when he did it like 3 times. I helped him, and started to move on. Then I got a whisper (edited for exact wording and to protect the innocent):

Gnomey McGnomster: You should really work on your gearscore (in case you don’t feel like clicking that, gearscore is basically a numerical representation of how good your gear is).

Allux (that’s me): No thanks, I’m good!

Gnomey McGnomster: I’m just saying, I have a shaman who has more than 5.5k gearscore.

Allux: Good for you!

Gnomey McGnomster: w.e

What does this have to do with anything, you ask?

Well, first of all, this gnome had no real reason to talk to me as if he was my teacher and confidant. I helped him when he didn’t need it, and I even tried to leave him alone so he could enjoy this game in peace. He decided, in his anonymity, to try and tell me what’s what, and how this game should be played.

Did he know a thing about me? Did he know my reason for being there? For having a low gearscore? The fact that I haven’t run raids because I’m playing with two friends, and I don’t WANT to raid because if the very frustration that was pissing me off with him?

Nope, because of anonymity.

Because he was well hidden away on his little character, he could say whatever he wanted, not knowing my background or what my history was.

It’s WORSE than when we see someone walking on the street. In most cases, you can tell when someone is having a bad day even when you’ve never seen that person in your life. You can excuse lapses in memory, stupid decisions, and just general human flaws.

Or can we? Although I like to think that this is exclusive to gaming, it seems that the world in general runs this way now… “Oh, I don’t know them? Fuck them!”

“Oh, that waiter gave me extremely shitty service? They must fail at life! They couldn’t possibly be an amazing singer, an amazing dancer, a humanitarian, a trivia nut who knows every song written by Toto and their lyrics, a hardworking mom, a hardworking dad, someone who just broke up with their significant other and or the love of their life. No way!”

And again, I’m trying not to be hypocritical, I find myself doing the same thing.

“Man, so and so sucks, why do they even play this game?!”

But at the end of the game, I realize that it really could just be their bad day, it really could just be a lonely human being on the other side of a computer screen who’s only comfort is WoW, and doesn’t necessarily WANT to be good at it.

Even with all the idiots like Mr. Gnomey up there that I’ve met, I have honestly met a few people in WoW, and other games, who honestly loved the game for the game. And it’s something I forget, something I lose when I get wrapped up in being “good” at whatever I’m playing.

Can this translate in to real life? Can you honestly run through life being happy for what you can do, even if it’s not the best? Is it possible to find someone who honestly understands that you are trying your best, and are playing the game for the sake of it being a game?

Am I still talking about gaming?


~ by machombie on 09/13/2010.

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