Joy of joys yesterday, as I was finally, FINALLY able to purchase and begin playing Castle Crashers.

Two years later.

The above line should not be read as sarcastic, or angry, or with any other negative emotion in your face.

I am totally okay with being able to play Castle Crashers two years after its release date without having to drop money on an Xbox.

No, this is not a flame war, I am also totally okay with the Xbox. I like the Xbox. If I were rich man (do do do do do do… hmmm, doesn’t work in text) I would have all three consoles, and every game known to man for each.

But I am not. And I don’t. So the ability to finally play Castle Crashers made me fairly excited, and got me thinking about exclusivity.

Oooh, I shiver when I say that word. Exclusivity… there it is again!

Exclusivity made it so that long, long ago, I couldn’t play the original Bioshock because, GASP, it was a Xbox exclusive.

Anyone else remember those days?

It seems that developers are finally starting to realize that gamers, as rabid as we are, are also real people without Yachts.

Well, mine’s in the shop.

Anyway, the rest of ya’s don’t have Yachts, and having to continually drop money on consoles, plus games, plus a little bit of our sanity, makes for a lot of broke, tired and Yachtless gamers.

Okay, I’ll stop with the Yacht.

The point is, lately I’ve had the ability to play many things I wouldn’t have been able to had it not been for these developers finally realizing that gaming has entered a new age.

The age of cross platforms.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game did this. It was a timed exclusive, meaning that us PS3ers got it first, and then Xbox got it later.

I’m pretty sure that Xbox users didn’t wait two years though.

Many other games just seem to be following suit, although interestingly enough, it seems to only go from Xbox to PS3, and not the other way around.

I have heard nothing about stuff like inFamous, Little Big Planet, ModNation, or any other PS3 exclusive going to Xbox.

Maybe our games suck?

Or maybe they’re just that good.

Whatever the case, it looks like PS3 users will be getting Mass Effect 2 in the first months of 2011.


I even heard that they’re going to set up the PS3 version of Mass Effect so that you never even have to have touched Mass Effect to understand what’s going on.


What is the future of gaming? I’m quite sure that no company wants to give up their selling point for their system.

PS3 doesn’t want to lose LittleBigPlanet… Xbox doesn’t want to lose Gears of War. It just makes sense… but maybe, just maybe, we’ll get a bunch of other great games without having to buy another console just to do it. Because $15 is much better than $215 (or so).

I need that money for my Yacht anyway.


~ by machombie on 09/01/2010.

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