Epic Mickey looks epically epic… EPIC!


But no really, this game is looking… killer.

Gamescom trailer!

I’ve never been one for Disney, as a matter of fact, I love reading about the dark side of a lot of the stuff in Disney, but damn does this look good.

This is the REAL Mickey Mouse, back in the day when PC (political correctness) did not exist.

Watch some of those cartoons from back in the day… basically, Mickey was looking for some ass, and picking fights with what appears to be a bulldog.

Or something.

Clicky example.

Classic clicky!

Now, the wonderful world of  “gritty” and “mature” has entered what was already kind of “gritty” and “mature” back in the 20’s.

Man, the 20’s were awesome.

Anyway, the trailer looks like it’s taking a very normal approach to Mickey. No cutesy stuff, but at the same time it isn’t trying to pull away from the Mickey Mouse we know and has been skewed.

I’ve never been a fan of the Wii. Besides like… Super Smash Brothers Brawl, I don’t play it because it just seems like a glorified gameboy to me.

There hasn’t been a game that has just attracted me to the system. I mean, I might be wrong, there might be some fun stuff, but every time I’ve played the Wii, my attention span lasts for about 2 minutes, and then I kind of want something heavier.

Well, unless Epic Mickey is ported to the PS3, it looks like I’m going to be a proud Wii owner soon!


I have one qualm though… so far it’s looking pretty awesome but what about gameplay?

From this video I feel that there isn’t any freedom on what you paint. Then again, that might just be because it’s the opening level, or near the opening level. Also, it only appears like you have one kind of paint and thinner. I assume that you’ll get more later, so I’m holding out for some more interesting game play.

I did like the Steamboat Willie section, as it was a nice nostalgia, as well as an interesting sidescroller (which will never get old to me).

But do I really want to play 200$ something or more just to play a sidescroller when I have Scott Pilgrim, or Castle Crashers (sooooon)?

Not really.

I might have to give this a try on a Wii somewhere before I actually go out and buy a Wii, since there is also the Playstation Move coming soon, and well, honestly I’d rather have that than a Wii.

Let’s hope someone decides to port this to the PS3, then it’ll be TRULLY epic.

More good stuff later, I have a bunch of WoW videos I hope to be posting soon, since I got my Netherdrake (I know, 3 years late) and some other interesting three manning of low level Northrend instances.

Yay fun!


~ by machombie on 08/25/2010.

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