Back, maybe for good.

Classes started today.

I’m still in school?!

This blog almost died. Almost.

But with school starting (see above), and boredom in my class inevitably sinking in, I’ve decided to try this little deal again.

I have missed, a LOT of talking, ranting, praising, and crying about games. And trust me, since my last post, there have been a SHIT ton of games that have come out. And not only that, but controversies, drama, excitement and disappointments that come along with them.

Will I be talking about those?

You bet your ass I am!

Well, maybe.

I really don’t know where to start, so I suppose I could start with what I’m currently playing:


I know right? Soooo 2005.

But yes, I’ve started playing WoW again. Started from scratch with a friend (Twiiiiiins) and we’re now… well, see for yourself:

Click it!

We even got a second friend (you might know them, they’ve written on this thing before) to get sucked into the Recruit-A-Friend deal, so I’m rockin’ a rocket.

Pictures later, maybe?

The main reason for this sudden re-entry into the World… of Warcraft?

Star Wars: Old Republic.

Since that won’t come out until at least next year, this is a nice substitute. Although, I find myself enjoying the game much more than I did back in my raiding days, so exciting eh?

So yeah, what next?

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game.

Gloooriuos game, especially if you are a fan… of well, anything fun. Gaming, movies, 8-biting, side-scrolling, fighting, midi music… love… you name it, the game hits on it. There is something very satisfying about the K.O. when you beat a boss, that same satisfaction I get when I make those same two letters pop up in Super Street Fighter IV.

I still play that?!

It’s a really good game when you’re too lazy to pop in a Blu-Ray, don’t have enough time to pop in said Blu-Ray, or you feel that Ramona’s ex-boyfriends  (exes, excuse me)  haven’t gotten enough of a beating.

Or you like blond, half-ninja chicks (Roxxxiiiiiieee!)

I’ve also been dabbling in some Starcraft II, but my computer won’t stop gasping and wheezing when I try to play this thing, so I’ve limited it to… well, not much. Besides, I’m already Blizzard’s bitch, I think playing two Blizzard games at one time is a bit much.

So yep, I’m back.



~ by machombie on 08/16/2010.

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