The interwebz is serious business…

People online suck.

I know, it’s rare.

For the past… forever… in Modern Warfare 2, there have been a mass deluge of idiots. And when I say idiots, I mean, bold, italic, underlined, different color IDIOTS.


I guess that one of my issues with this is that the arguments are standard (and unimaginative) and no matter what the outcome, there is always someone complaining.



Mainly, when playing something like Modern Warfare 2, it’s a complaint of the game mechanic. In this example, it’s “camping.” I actually had a player on the opposite team complain that I was camping, even when they won, because he happened to find me and kill me from behind, while I was prone.

Oh, so I can’t go prone now?

Camping is one of those issues that is just a moot point to me. I sometimes find myself complaining about it, but I find a way to kill said camper. And if I really have a problem with the camper, I camp myself!


And honestly, unless you’re playing a map like Wasteland or Derail, camping is a dangerous game. You run the risk of getting barely any kills, or getting killed in the process.

To start nerd raging because I “camped,” even when you WON? Nah, I’m good, go to hell.

My next big pet peeve is those who complain about in game mechanics, related to weaponry or anything like that.

When someone complains about Th3MisterX using the heartbeat sensor, on a hardcore match… I then facepalm and shake my head.

Please, learn to Ninja.

The conversation with this idiot then proceeded something like this (paraphrased for comedic effect.)

Me: Are you seriously complaining about the heartbeat sensor?!

Idiot: I’m not complaining, I’m just saying you should play Call of Duty 4, the greatest game in Call of Duty history, I would show you what’s what there, durpa, durpa, duuuuuurrrr…

Me: Dude, I went 20 and 13 with the Mini-Uzis, and most of those kills were you, please shut the hell up.

Idiot: That’s cuz you were using the noob screen [Ed note: I believe that’s what he was calling the heartbeat sensor].

Me: You [lots ‘o expletives here], I was the guy with the MINI UZIS, who shot you repeatedly in the face, please learn to not suck.

You could say I was fanning the flames, but really, it was more like fanning the knowledge.

See what I did there?

“Hey Machombie!” you say to me, gleefully looking for a way to make me look stupid, “They’re just trolls, and obviously it worked because you’re complaining about it now!”

Oh no, no sir, I honestly do not believe that these guys are trolls. I believe, that they honestly believe, this game is LIFE, and that if you don’t play the way their fractured mind plays, that you should be thrown into a pit filled with Barbie Fashion Show and Bratz: Rock Angelz (look those up, they’re real games).

Honestly, I’ve dealt with enough stuff throughout the day, with school, work, people, hobos, news programs with dumb people and whatnot, that I just want to sit down, pull out my RPG, and create virtual havoc.

Instead, I have to listen to what is clearly an opinionated (more so than me apparently), angry child complaining because he won’t stop RUNNING AT A GUY WITH A GUN.



~ by machombie on 03/30/2010.

One Response to “The interwebz is serious business…”

  1. What’s REALLY funny is that I have actually seen Barbie Fashion Show in action. True story….my sisters used to play it way back when.

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