Blogging is hard, part deux.

Sooooo, it’s been a long time since my last post, and honestly, I blame video games.

Ironic right?

I have been playing a LOT of God of War III (awesome) and Final Fantasy XIII (got awesome).

I was supposed to be writing about them, but honestly, I just haven’t had the time or energy. It’s either work, looking for work or school.

So let me do a quick recap.

God of War III started strong and rocked face until the end. I’ve heard numerous people here and there say that the game kind of fizzles after about 4-5 hours, but those people are just ants at a picnic.

Yep, slightly effeminate, Family Guy reference.

Honestly, I didn’t feel it. Every boss I fought made me grab the edge of my seat, every new weapon or ability I got was ridiculously awesome, and useful and although I will admit that the story kind of took a weird “after-school special” close to the end, it still was a fairly solid end to the God of War trilogy.

This is the first God of War that I loved every weapon. I never even touched the other weapons in GoW I and GoW II but in this game, I honestly had to maintain some self-control to keep using the Blades of Exile, instead of switching to the one of the other three pretty awesome weapons.

I particularly liked Hades’s claws, as summoning souls of things you’ve fought was pretty cool. You can kick the crap out of a Satyr by using the Medusa summon, and just stoning them.

Again, I felt that the story took some odd turns close to the end, but honestly, it’s a really small qualm considering the epicness that was going on around you. My question is, how would YOU have ended it had you the choice?

And of course, the graphics were mind blowing. The graphics looked better than most MOVIES that use CG. Avatar, get the hell out.

All and all, it deserves its high praise and 10 out of 10s. Anyone who “didn’t like this game” is just trying to be rebellious, because this game has something everyone can love (booooobs!)

Now on to Final Fantasy XIII.

It took 30 hours to become non-linear. Whoa.

Other than that, the battles system has grown on me. Honestly, it’s so complex, but at the same time really, really simple. Now, it can become very out of your control, like Final Fantasy XII, but at least in this game, you have to do something, otherwise you’ll get your ass handed to you by later bosses and even trash mobs.

I definitely get my face stomped by Behemoths on Pulse unless I’m really on my Paradigms and attacks. Honestly, the battle system is fairly involved, but you have to be careful. You should definitely use a class you’re comfortable with. I tried to use my Sahz to buff one time, and I definitely got very confused and almost died.

It’s better to set up your characters as if you would play them, and then pick the character of the three that you are most comfortable with. That way, your AI companions will play almost identically to what you would do, but you don’t have to worry about screwing up because stuff is going too fast.

So what am I saying? I like the battle system. I really do, it’s a welcome change.

And no, the storyline is not confusing, it’s really simple.

Cocoon misunderstands Pulse. Pulse and Cocoon are very similar, and now you have to either destroy Cocoon, or save Cocoon. That’s yet to be determined, we shall see.

Other than that, lots of Super Street Fighter IV stuff coming soon, as there is a TON of new stuff, and awesome videos.

Sooooo, I’m back. Hopefully.

Please read.



~ by machombie on 03/23/2010.

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