If capturing a Little Sister is wrong…

I don’t wanna be right…

Sooooo, I beat Bioshock 2, which means I congratulated myself by playing some Bioshock 2 multiplayer… and though, it’s not Modern Warfare 2, it’s still quite a bit of fun.

I walked into my “apartment,” threw on my suit and mask, spun my cane, and jumped into a Free For All match.

It was insane.

There is a lot going on, but unfortunately, I felt that the game boiled down to “I saw you first, you die now.” You COULD say the same about other FPS games, such as Modern Warfare 2… but something about this just felt amateurish. It was fun to play around with plasmids. As I thought it would be, freezing someone is pretty fun.

I was having fun, but wasn’t really convinced. I leveled up, got a new plasmid (Aero Dash, a great plasmid) and it started getting a bit better. Aero Dash is just plain awesome, as it always seems that the new people just never could keep up with me as I dashed pass them. The plasmid is supposed to be aimed at a person, as it stuns them a bit… but it just works so well as a evasive maneuver.

I was enjoying myself, but then I tried the “Team Deathmatch” of Bioshock 2, Civil War.

Not as fun to be honest.

It felt like I was getting ganged up on more here, then in Modern Warfare‘s multiplayer, and it just wasn’t as easy to get a firm footing in the matches.

So I went back to FFA, and then the random Big Daddy suit appeared in the level. I jumped down, Aero Dashed, and grabbed that bitch.

Let’s just say, my score jumped up by about 100 after I grabbed the suit.

Now, one would think that the Big Daddy suit would make the game unfair, but honestly, it’s not bad at all. It appears only about 2-3 times a match, and it appears randomly. Once a Big Daddy, you still need to know how to aim, and use strategies, as when you take damage as a Big Daddy, it doesn’t regenerate. Also, he’s a little bit slow and you have no access to your plasmids, but as strong as you are, this is only fair.

It’s fun, but not game breaking. But of course, people just seem to be kind of stupid when online. Instead of helping each other briefly to take down the Big Daddy, then proceed to murder each other, they will attack each other and help the person in the Big Daddy suit clean up.

Oh well.

The true gem in these multiplayer games was the one called “Capture the Little Sister.”

A combination of “King of Hill” and “Capture the Flag,” the objective of this game is to grab the Little Sister in the level and hold her for as long as you can. The first person to reach 3 minutes, or to have the most time at the end of the round wins.

Simple. And fun. A LOT of fun.

See, now the game is not about killing (though there is still a liberal amount of that) but more about strategy. Since I know how many people act online in these games, i.e. they just want to kill other people, I’ve been able to dominate this game pretty hard.

One of my favorite things to do is watch the Little Sister in the middle of map, as a bunch of people are fighting each other to get to her. Once they’ve all been weakened, and one of them grabs her… I launch my grenade launcher, Aero Dash in, grab her, and run like hell.

Did I mention Aero Dash? Once you grab the Little Sister, you aren’t allowed to use your weapon anymore (as your hand is full with the Little Sister) so you can only use your plasmid.

Aero Dash is AMAZING for this. I literally use up all of my EVE to dash away from my pursuers, then swing around to a vending machine and grab more EVE (of course, watching for hacked vending machines.)

It’s an amazing feeling to be winning in this game, as you are always being chased (unless you play against dumb people who just feel like killing each other all day.)

It’s to the point that I ignore most other people, and focus on the person with the Little Sister. And once I grab her, I keep moving, and Aero Dash when anyone gets too close. It’s win win.

If I don’t have the Little Sister, but I’m in a hefty lead, sometimes I just stay alive, watching who has the Little Sister. Doing some quick math, if I’m at about 1:30 to 2 minutes, and the person who currently has the Little Sister isn’t in second place, I just sit and watch. It’s not until that person gets into second place, or the person in second place obtains the Little Sister, do I aggressively go after that person. This allows the time to wind down, and allows me to still win, even if I don’t have the Little Sister by the end of the game.

‘Cuz science is power!

It might be because I win a lot, but the game is just pure fun. Seeing people blow each other up to get the Little Sister is hilarious, and there’s a very satisfying feeling of getting away from pursuers, and then sitting in a corner, raising the time by a ton. I actually sat in a stairwell for about 2 of my 3 minutes, wondering why I wasn’t being shot at.

I haven’t tried any of the area capture games, nor any of the other team games, but if any of them are as exhilarating as “Capture the Little Sister” then I’ll have to give them a shot.


~ by machombie on 02/23/2010.

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