Holier than thou…

I bought Dante’s Inferno.

Buying this game reminded me why you just have to ignore a lot of those “experts” who think they know a game, for whatever reason they think they’re qualified to talk ill of it.

I thouroughly enjoyed myself with this game.

First of all, yes, it is very, very, VERY similar to God of War. Hell, Dante even jumps along the clinging walls the same as Kratos does.

Is that bad?

Hell no (pun intended)!

Why wouldn’t you want to be compared to God of War? God of War was/is amazing!

And look, nothing is ever going to compare to God of War 3… seriously, you just have to accept that fact. Any game that comes out in March will be dwarfed by God of War 3, so no need to even try there. The gaming apocalypse will be upon us just because of God of War 3.

Either way, this game is a lot of fun, has a very good storyline (I don’t care what you say, it’s simple, effective, and intriguing) and is just genuinely a solid title.

Dante is a flawed hero, much like the numerous epic heroes that have come and gone throughout the ages. You want to sort of empathize with him, as it is his one true love that’s been taken away from him, but… at the same time, you learn something a little later that makes you wonder “what else is behind this story?”

Even looking past all of that awesome, the set pieces in this game are amazing and the worlds are detailed, really giving you a sense of depth to hell. There was nothing cooler than having King Minos yell out “HERESY!” or “FRAUD!” to the damned souls, as you’re racing to confront him.

I loved the Lust theme… well, basically I loved every theme. Each of the fights along the way made you really feel like you were in the area you were supposed to be in. You don’t know how pissed I was in some of the Anger fights. Each of the enemies were perfect for the area they were representing. It was uncanny how much thought went into these representations.

There is some pretty awesome move animations as well, and you really feel the heaviness of  all these enemies coming down on you, standing in your way.

This is really important, as you don’t want to feel too badass as you’re descending hell. These demons are here to rock your face, and you should be a little afraid. But don’t worry, you’re pretty badass yourself, so it’s a whole lot of baddassery in one area.

There are some extremely creepy moments. Again, I won’t spoil anything for you, except for maybe the unbaptized babies. Yes, there are unbaptized babies in this game and well… it’s crazy, you just have to see it for yourself.

I’ve heard it’s repetitive… and I don’t believe that. If this is repetitive, than God of War was repetitive too! A few puzzles, battle a few enemies, rinse and repeat. That’s an action game! I think it’s kept fresh by the new enemies introduced to you at each level.

A little advice though, don’t put the game on the hardest difficulty right off the bat… this game is actually fairly hard. I thought I was some bigshot action gamer, who could take on the denizens of hell first time through on hellish, and let me just say, I almost broke quite a few things in my abode.

It almost became frustrating, but I eventually was able to beat each section, each boss, and I felt AMAZING after I did so. There was that feeling, that feeling I used to have with games, that stuff wasn’t just handed to me. I had to figure out the bosses, figure out their weaknesses, and to do that I had to die in the process. But once I got it, I felt awesome when I beat the boss, and was rewarded with an extremely gruesome context finish.

I will admit though, I failed at the end. Satan is just too hard on hellish for a guy like me, so I had to drop him down to normal. With all of my upgrades saved though, I think I’ll try it again on hellish and see if I can beat him.

The problem is, he takes some really precise dodging. Let’s just say, tornadoes have never been so frustrating.

Now there is some negatives. Although I said it wasn’t repetitive above, that’s because I really enjoy certain repetitive elements. On the lower levels of hell, you will fight a LOT of the same enemies. Just a fair warning. Also, I felt some of the mechanics were just stupid, such as falling off a cliff while mid grab… though to be fair, you can exploit grabs, since you take no damage while you begin and end the grab animation.

I love this game. It’s a fresh take on an action game, it has a good story, good fighting mechanic, and is just a fun romp through Hell. As the night progressed, I couldn’t wait to get deeper and deeper into hell.

Besides all that, you are FIGHTING OFF HELL! That in itself is just cool, you are literally taking on the blackest forces of darkness there is, the most evil of the evil, and you get to look cool while doing it.

After a few months of a gaming lull, just sitting around playing Modern Warfare 2, my gaming spirit is back! I’m super excited now to play these two games, I can’t wait to get home and see what’s next in Bioshock 2 and replay Dante’s Inferno, and that’s exactly the feeling I love about gaming, and I’m slowly getting it back.

Thank you EA and 2K, for making two fantastic games!

And of course, having two games you love helps when you’re writing, oh, let’s saaaay… a gaming blog?

One last thing, Dante’s Inferno will have a DLC that, get this… will add co-op into the fray! It also adds new moves, new costumes and new enemies! You can’t beat that.

If EA continues to back Dante’s Inferno, I’m seeing some pretty killer DLC in the near future!


~ by machombie on 02/18/2010.

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