Final Fantasy VII remake… is complicated?

Hey there gamers and gamettes!

Niz here.

I know it has been some time since my last post. Things got crazy over the holidays and new games have found their way into my PS3, so I’ve been very distracted. But now I’m back and newly inspired by an article I read the other day on

The article is about a Final Fantasy VII remake that we were teased with ever since the inception of the PS3:

Apparently, this is not in Square Enix’s grand schemes.

So in the article, a representative from Square Enix explains that the game assets would not fit properly into todays next-gen style of gameplay and that remaking the graphics would “take an enormous time.”


The graphics excuse is total BS. They’ve already proven that they can do it based on the graphics in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. If that wasn’t enough, the cut scenes in Crisis Core for the PSP are rendered just as nicely as the graphics in Advent Children are.

So, “the graphics would be too hard to remake” is a very, very thin excuse. I mean, with both Advent Children and Crisis Core, they already have the character models for every single main character that they could possibly need. I’m sure they are sitting on a shelf somewhere, in an office or vault, begging to be used in a GOOD game.

Notice the use of “good” there. It leads me to my next point. Final Fantasy has been slipping lately!

Come on you know it’s true.

Ever since X, (and some would even argue since IX) the series’ quality hasn’t been up to snuff. Tidus was the most whiney main character EVER! And XII just didn’t have the same “Final Fantasy” that past games I’ve enjoyed had. Square is thinking that XIII will swoop in, and save the day… but fans are already timidly testing the waters.

I think it just boils down to a matter of pride on Square’s part. They don’t want to come to the realization that their flagship franchise is starting to flounder and they don’t want to have to fall back on a remake.

However I say… why not?

It’s done in the movie industry all the time. Movies that were made years ago get a face lift with modern effects and graphics, and no one complains about it. For instance, King Kong, Dawn of the Dead, The Magnificent Seven, Oceans Eleven, and even Scarface (Don’t believe me? Look it up!) are all remakes. And there are some pretty friggin’ good remakes in there too.

So Square Enix, do not be ashamed to fall back on old ideas. You would not be the first and you would not be the last.

Honestly, you would have millions of fan boys (myself included) flocking to stores to pre-order multiple copies of Final Fantasy VII, special editions and all that.

Please Square… tease us no longer and answer the call of the faithful followers.


~ by th3niz on 02/11/2010.

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