God of Awesome!

I use the word awesome a lot.

I know.

Anyway, I got back to playing God of War. I finished up the first God of War, and let me tell you… I had forgotten the high level of AMAZING that this game achieved, and still holds today. Although there was a lot of frustrating moments near the end, that had more to do with poor camera angles and zerg style enemies… I STILL loved every minute of the first God of War, the second time around.

And Trophies? For some reason that just made it even better.

Once I completed the first God of War though, oh man… I never realized how amazing I was at games when I was younger (that being around 18, 19, around the time I first played the God of War series.)

I know, 5 years doesn’t seem like much, but apparently those were my peak gaming years, I must have been a beast. Anyway, I struggled through some of the last few areas (something about that final fight before you get Pandora’s box is NUTS.)

But I did it, and the first God of War is done, with about 70-80% of the trophies completed. Somehow I missed an easy one, like Kissed the Nyad, but the annoying ones like grab all gorgon eyes and feathers are done.

Will I play God of War again to finish those up? Probably not anytime soon, but once I complete God of War 3, I will probably decide to do a full story run through, including Chains of Olympus. I know, crazy right? That’s a lot ‘o gaming.

I really, really think that God of War 2 sets the benchmark in gameplay, storytelling, and overall badassery that God of War 3 is aiming to up in said ante. And it will, from what I’ve seen.

The flying battles are amazing, Kratos definitely needs to attend more of his anger management classes, and I’m every bit enthralled by the Titans as I was the first time they were revealed to me. If the demo is any indication, and the level of polish that is slowly flooding back to me from the first two God of War games is any indication… the gaming world may very well implode from the awesome.

I hope to have God of War 2 done by the end of this month, barring any other games enter the equation. Fortunately, (and also unfortunately) I’m broke, so no Bioshock 2 or Dante’s Inferno just yet. I might grab Dante’s Inferno to hold me over until God of War 3 hits, but then again, considering I’m trying to finish up God of War 2 I might just pick up Bioshock 2 instead.

We shall see…

Kids, never be broke… it sucks.


~ by machombie on 02/05/2010.

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