You still play Street Fighter?

Of course I do!

I’ve been playing it a lot lately and well, I’m still not THAT much better. I want to blame my fight stick. I swear that I’ll be trying to do my crouching jab, jab Balrog combo, and a jab will just not come out, which really noob/scrub-ifys me to death.

Don’t even get me started on that fact that I’ve had to re-arrange my buttons because one button in particular barely responds anymore. Luckily, I set it to medium kick, which I barely use (note how I switch between things like light punch and jab! It keeps you on your toes!)

Anywho, my main reason for this post is to inform you of my new character!

The one, the only, the holder of the psycho power himself, Bison!

He plays kind of similar to Balrog… sort of.

Not really.

Luckily I haven’t had to change any of my button configs, it all works the same with Mr. Bison. Sadly, because of the medium kick dilemma from above, I have missed many a cross up opportunities with Bison, to the point it REALLY makes me look like a noob.

Then again, I’m trying to get used to using cross ups since Balrog doesn’t have any.

I completed his trails, and they weren’t too bad. The only issue I seem to have with Bison is that he relies on lots of links. And please don’t get me started on links. There is a precise timing to most links, so you can’t just press the buttons and hope your Scissor Kick comes out.

Anyway, I suck with him, so I haven’t made him my official second. But I am better with him than Abel, who was going to be my second character.

Bison is flashier too. He seems to have a built-in taunt to most of his moves. He has that evil grin when he Scissor Kicks, which is pretty cool. Also, Ultra combo finishes end with your face being stomped in by his size 20 boots!

Is there such a thing as size 20? Well, there is now.

Anyway, I know it’s been around for a while, but I’ve just started being able to do the dash into Ultra:

I can do it fairly reliable offline, but online, forget it. And I’m sure the pressure to do it during a match would just be too much, soooo, for now, it’s just a nice trick.

Hilariously, because of my stick (feel free to insert penis jokes there), Balrog sometimes dashes backwards when I try to dash forward. That would suck if I tried to do it in response to a fireball…

So yes, my Street Fighter IV interest is rising again, bring on Super Street Fighter IV!


~ by machombie on 01/30/2010.

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