Terrible Tuesday.

Soooo, in case you noticed (or didn’t notice, whatevs) I missed another Meme Monday.

Really guys, I have one ready, I just… didn’t get it done.

As I type this, I’m sitting in the library at school waiting for group members for this project we’re supposed to be working on.

Don’t worry, it’s completely not game related.

To those who read this, I again say thank you, and I again apologize for the lack of content this last month or so… I’ve been swamped with… nothing really, but games have taken a back burner, to the point that I only play Modern Warfare 2… kind of like I did WoW for a while.

Not good.

I am looking forward to this month and next, March of course is also going to be epic, and I hear Super Street Fighter IV is set to release April 27th.

Can I wait that long?

Probably not. But hey, it gives me less time to suck, and sucking less is always a positive thing.

Knowing the trends on game releases though, I feel a bit…

Will it really release in April?

Time will tell…


~ by machombie on 01/26/2010.

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