Slow news day(s)…

So… I haven’t had anything to write about.


Like, nothing.


I could talk about Army of Two. The problem is, I haven’t played it THAT much, and the little bit that me and TheNiz have played… has kind of been stagnant on storyline.

Buuuut, I like it.

I do.

I was a fan of the first Army of Two, so it makes sense that I like the second one. Really though, it is devoid of story.

At the point we’re at in the game, we should know at least SOMETHING about what’s going on. Instead, lots of planes have been crashing into buildings.

At times, I feel that the hostage saving situations are WAY too easy, and don’t really add much to the storyline… or much else really.

But again, the gun customization is fun as crap, and of course shooting people is fun as crap.

So Army of Two is fun as crap.

In other news, I’m almost to second prestige in Modern Warfare 2. I feel much more comfortable with the game, to the point that I feel myself making shots and creating strategies that I never would have been able to do in the past.

Again, I’m not amazing or anything, I just feel that I can get into the positive ratios much more now (or at least the equal ratios.)

I’ve been using the .50 cal more, and I find it to be the best sniper rifle (my opinion) and the Rafficas, which in my opinion are also supremely awesome when akimboed.

I think my second prestige will go much smoother than either of my other leveling endeavors. Mostly because the guns you get near the beginning are mostly what I use now.

Finally, I really feel like I should have Bayonetta. Really though. If I wasn’t broke, it’d be on my shelf.

So, slow news day… hopefully February will be different, with Dante’s Inferno and Bioshock 2. We shall see.


~ by machombie on 01/17/2010.

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