More salivating.

Just a quick video update, some new stuff has sprung up a la Super Street Fighter IV. It just keeps growing my excitement.

Ken vs. Adon

Cody vs. Ryu

I really like Cody’s Ultra and win pose. Doubt I’ll pick him up, but I’ve been wrong before…

C. Viper’s new Ultra looks really good too. I didn’t see too much different in the old Ultras at the end of the video, but that doesn’t mean that certain properties couldn’t have changed.

Through the grapevine, I heard Balrog’s new Ultra is a 360+punches command grab… yikes. Maybe I can use that, we’ll see.

And finally, a quick update to this quick update, here is a video with JWong and some other dude, showing the game more or less in action (this includes character select, Ultra select, and a full match.) It also shows Guile’s new Ultra, Sonic Hurricane and Bison’s new Ultra, Psycho Punisher. It also shows what appears to be a change to the block effect.

I’m excited. Let me know what you think, if you care.


~ by machombie on 01/08/2010.

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