Super Street Fighter IV… is making me salivate.

Was that an excuse to use the word salivate?


So a new trailer has appeared, showing some new stuff found in Super Street Fighter IV, and once again, I must reiterate that anyone who is bitching about having to “buy another game” needs to stuff it right now, because as much work as they appear to be putting into this game, it is well worth it.

Here is the trailer:

Okay, so breakdown time!

First off, new stages. I think I talked about this before, so there you go. New stages. So far, I’m looking at a market place stage (a second one), construction site stage, an Africa themed stage, and a remake of the “elephant stage” from Street Fighter II.

All of them appear very well done, with some great detail.

Next up, each character now has a third costume.

I know right, who cares… well I do bitch! Since really I only care about Balrog (see blog title for the reason why), let me tell you what I think about it. I like it.

He’s got that bling, pimp look, which we all know is what Balrog is… a blingin’, pimpin’… black guy. Honestly, it’s funny to see that one of the two black guys in this game seems to hit the stereotypes pretty well, or what I would assume that the Japanese assume big black guys act like.

But I like it! I will definitely be using that costume. Also, I do have to admit, he is a prize fighter based on Mike Tyson, so the bling/pimp look would fit I suppose.

Other than that, it looks like Rufus, Dan, Balrog, Chun-Li, Cammy and Zangief are the only revealed new costumes.

Now the big, game changing… change would of course be selectable Ultras! Much like Street Fighter III Third Strike, it appears you can now choose between Ultras. For many of the old cast, it’s a choice between the Ultras we are used to, and a brand new Ultra.

Balrog got shafted, and his isn’t shown (it may not have even been created yet) but we do get to see a few other interesting ones.

They showed Ken’s (which is very fiery and actually pretty cool), Dhalsim’s (with Blanka on the receiving end, which ends up being hilarious) and for some reason Zangief’s and El Fuerte’s.

The two grapplers? For no apparent reason? Both are very… spinny and of course, painful looking.

Anyway, they also show Fei Long’s, which I actually really like. That shin crack does actually look really painful, as does the rest of the combo.

And finally, the titular character, Ryu, also gets his Ultra shown off, looking very similar to Gouken’s (then again, Gouken is Ryu’s teacher, so it would make sense.)

Throw on top of that new rival battles, new cut scenes, and as of yet to be released characters and this is shaping up nicely. I think, if the sources I’m getting this from are correct, there are still 4 characters left to be revealed.

Let the salivation commence.


~ by machombie on 01/07/2010.

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