Nerd Rage moment #142: Losing saves.

Machombie’s back!

Is it weird that I said that in the third person…


As you might know (or you might not know, there is a possibility that my meaningless life means nothing to you outside of gaming) I was on vacation.

Fun… cold, tiring, and Epcot is boring now, but fun nonetheless.

As you may also be aware, or unaware of, my PS3 died.

Now, before anyone uses that as an excuse to jump on  the 360 bandwagon, let me be the first to say that it took 2, nearly 3 years for this to occur, and this was with almost daily use, minimum 2 hours of play a day.

Holy crap, that’s amazing.

And the thing isn’t really even broken, per se, the disc head just doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with heavy loads (sexual jokes and “that’s what she said” are welcome here.) You could say this was somewhat of an excuse to get a PS3 Slim, but then again, it may have ended up costing me waaaay too much to just get it fixed.

With that being said, I backed up my old PS3, as I wanted to shove my 250g hard drive into my new Slim.

You would THINK that it would be a simple process of sticking in the old hard drive into the Slim and everything would just carry over… not so.

“Ah,” I said to myself gleefully, “but I planned for this, as I backed up my system prior to installing the 250g into the Slim, so I shall not have lost ANYTHING!”

Life loves screwing with me.

Although most system files for each game transferred over, I found out the hard way that certain save files did not…

The one that made me spiral into nerd rage? Dragon Age: Origins. I lost nearly 40 hours of gameplay.

40 hours.




I was not amused.

At this point now, I’ve restarted Dragon Age 3 times, and I’m getting a little tired of talking to the same people for 20 minutes…

This however did lead to an interesting point in gaming, which eased my nerd rage slightly: sometimes you just gotta spice it up, and play a game outside your comfort zone.

So this time I began with the Human Noble, went the warrior route again, and tried dual wielding. Also, for some odd reason, I’m trying to increase Morrigan’s approval rating so she’ll have sex with me (might I add, my character is female… I feel like such a guy…) The result was a fresh feeling to the game, although I had already seen the same thing 3 times.

So, I also tried this in Modern Warfare 2.

Once I hit Prestige, I decided to start using some different perk combinations, more of the assault rifles, handguns, shotguns… just to spice things up. It worked wonders.

Who knew the Famas was actually a good gun?

I think this is where I give you a message about how change is the spice of life.

Well, sort of. In gaming, it’s different though. No matter how much a game is amazingly fun, sometimes it too can become monotonous, and you have to do your own thing to make it exciting.

Either way, I don’t think losing 40 hours of work should have taught me this lesson, but at this point, I’m a bit frightened to check any of my other games.

I even lost my Guitar Hero 5 progress and characters as well as my Street Fighter IV unlocks and I’m worried for games such as Borderlands and God of War, because as much as I love those games, I don’t feel like working up to the same place I was before.

Interestingly enough, it showed how much I’ve improved in Street Fighter IV. Before, it took nearly two days for me to complete Balrog’s Trails, and I was able to finish up all the Trails in 20 minutes once I got my PS3 set up again.

The irony (as life likes to do to me) is that I may have lost the progress in Dragon Age, but for some unfathomable reason, it seemed to have kept record that I unlocked the Reaver specialization, so I was able to use it on my new warrior.



So in other news, New Years is coming soon, and on December 31st, it’s time to tempt ourselves with the AMAZING games that will be hitting shelves in 2010 by blogging about it!


This coming year may very well destroy the world before 2012, by the sheer magnitude of games coming out. You’ve been warned.


~ by machombie on 12/27/2009.

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