While Machombie is away, Niz and MisterX shall play…..

Lately, Machombie has not been able to play any games with us because sadly, his PS3 went to video game system heaven and he is now in Florida on vacation for his birthday (everyone say happy birthday Machombie).

So The Niz and I have been playing the Modern Warfare 2: Special Ops.

After going through the first three sections on Veteran, I’ve realized how much detail Infinity Ward put into this game.

Not only did they create a campaign mode (that I thought lacked a little depth but nonetheless took plenty of time to develop) and created an amazing multiplayer mode that has many people all over the world staying up until 4 in the morning (trust me on this), but they also put this little section in it that allows you to play missions with one other player.

I like this compared to in the past where they just allowed you to play the campaign with multiple people. This new section allows you to play random side missions, that are very enjoyable, in the same areas that the campaign takes place.

These missions require not only patience, skill, and a whole lot of time, but they require you to defend every area you walk into, learn to use all weapons (like heartbeat sensors, sentry guns, and AC130’s), and coordinate the movements between the two people playing (because there is nothing more difficult than having to revive a teammate that went down across the map while playing on Veteran).

Most importantly you have to communicate. If you are unable to do this, then you have zero chance of finishing any mission. Even on regular difficulty it is nearly impossible to complete one. Don’t believe me, take a look for yourself at the things you have to do.

Still don’t believe me, watch this.

These are two of the missions we played that seemed to take forever. All in all it is a ton of fun and I have enjoyed playing it. So if you haven’t tried this great multiplayer section, then give yourself a break from team deathmatch and check it out. You will be glad you did.


~ by th3misterx on 12/24/2009.

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