Oh how I love my sports games…

Ahhh, a first post. For those of you who do not know me, let me introduce myself. I am Th3MisterX. I am one of two new writers for The Balrog Blog.

Bare with me while I get used to writing articles I enjoy, instead of research papers about random Chinese governments from the 1300’s (which has no relevance to the business degree I received, but was still forced to write.)

Writing this has brought back memories of playing baseball and taking the first at bat of a new season.

You stand there, with your bat in hand, just thinking a million things at once. Things like “I hope I don’t screw up,” or “what should I do in this situation?” Then the first pitch comes in and you hear “strike one!”

It’s like buying the new Fifa or Madden. You’re disappointed that you just had to shell out $60 for a game that is only good for a year, before the “new” version with slight differences comes out that you’ll want to pay $60 again, but at the same time you know the most painful part is out of the way and you have nothing but enjoyment in a little plastic case. It’s the same as getting that first strike, it hurts your pride, but at least you got it over with. You get home and start to play, and out of nowhere “strike two!”

The game is much harder than you were ready for.

You’re thinking, “great I just paid $60 to get killed by the computer!” But you continue on and get that first season out of the way, trying to make sure to win every game because you will not be happy with a loss (even if it is one in a baseball game.)

Then a little later you get a call from your friend, you know, the one who beats you at everything from Street Fighter to Call of Duty to Super Smash Bros (Editor’s note: That would be Machombie… he sure loves that Street Fighter!) He wants to come over and pay the new game, so you agree. You sit there waiting for your friend to come over and deliver the strikeout.

That’s when you have to take a deep breath and remember the composure you have had in the past, in situations just like this. The pitch is thrown as you go to answer the doorbell. And then whack…

The next thing you know you’re rounding third, headed towards home, the whole time you stare at your friend who looks on in astonishment as he sees the final score, with you on top.

What I’m getting at, in a very roundabout (but very poetic) way, is that video games, especially sports games, are a lot like real life situations. You have to keep your composure and do what you know to do.

The theory I have is that athletes, or former athletes, are naturally better at sports games than other people. I say this because I have seen examples of it.

I picked up Fifa ’09 just for fun. This is a game I know about and understand, but haven’t played over the past 5 years. I felt that after a match or two, I was at the same level as most people online. If this is in fact true, then what makes athletes better? Is it the coordination to move quicker with the controller? Is it the knowledge of the game? Or is it something else?

I believe it’s a little of everything, but the most important thing is the way an athlete reacts to certain situations. Anyone can see the play that the computer is going to run, but what happens when the other team runs a play action pass that you bite on? I see that most athletes have the ability to know to switch to a DB or linebacker who is covering a wide receiver. All I know for sure is that I always have a chance in sports games and I’m grateful for that.

Like I said, I’m new to this. I’ll be writing different ways, depending on the game and mood I’m in. So let me know what you think about anything in this post. Hopefully I knocked it out of the park and didn’t strikeout.


~ by th3misterx on 12/03/2009.

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