Super Street Fighter IV is looking… AWESOME!

So this is a follow up to my last post about Super Street Fighter IV, which you can find here.

They just confirmed 3 more characters in Super Street Fighter IV and I gotta be honest, although these characters don’t really appeal to me (I only had some experience with them in Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max) I’m loving their designs:

1. Cody

2. Guy

3. Adon

But honestly? The following video just seals the deal. This game is going to be so much more than just a re-release of Street Fighter IV. I think this is going to be WELL worth whatever they ask for, as long as the max is the cost of a normal game:

I’ve heard through the grape vine that it’s going to be around $40, which again, is AMAZING for the stuff they are doing. New stories, new ultras for old characters, new characters, new online modes… wow.

I’m starting to get hype for this game, pretty hard.

Supposedly, through the grape vine again, there is going to be a new game mechanic, along the lines of the focus attack (sort of like Juri’s counter move, I’ve heard) but things can obviously change, as Abel’s Super and Ultra did, as can be sort of seen here:

But either way, the stuff they have up is looking good, and I’m really excited for this. I’m not onboard with the new announcer buuuut, can’t have everything we want now can we?


~ by machombie on 11/26/2009.

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