Declaration of Independence? Really?

As I’ve mentioned before, gamers are a whiny group.

The very act of me writing in this blog every few days sort of proves that. I mean, how much weight do I really have, it’s not like I MAKE the games. However, to those reading these words, I send a sincere, heartfelt, and hug filled thank you, for it makes it well worth it to spill my guts onto an electronic page when I know someone will be attempting to digest it.

Okay, bad metaphor.

But I digress.

Gamers complain, but I think there is a line that we as gamers should not cross. Opinions are okay, and normally it boils down to don’t play it if you don’t like it (and occasionally devolves into a nerd rage when you’re opinion is shunned.)

But when a “gamer” decides that he’s going to sue companies for protecting what is theirs, and legitimately protecting what is thiers… well, that rubs me the wrong way.

Let’s start with some facts shall we?

First of all, this guy was banned from the PSN. That whole shebang can be found here. All I know is, the kid did something to break the user agreement with Resistance, and was banned from the PSN. Standard procedure. He sued, using the “first amendment right” that these idiots love to throw around, and I could not disagree any more with his usage than if he held a gun to a loved one’s head while he was doing it. You broke the rules, now you’re crying about it. They offer to return the money in your account (which was a measly $10) and you refuse. You’re at fault, period.

He rolls back around and sues Nintendo, this time citing the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE (Caps Locked for awesome effect) because Nintendo banned a program that would allow him to unfairly obtain a character that could only be obtained by having a save file from another game (which I assume he did not have.)

He said it interfered with his “pursuit of happiness.”

I’m pretty sure that’s not what they meant. Your pursuit of happiness should not impede the rules set forth by an institution. They didn’t prevent your happiness, you prevented your own happiness.

There was a lot of pain and suffering thrown around, but I found it RIDICULOUS that he would think he is above the rules that Nintendo had set forth for the Wii, just because he has some “issues.”

Look, I’m kind of OCD, I deal with depression issues here and there (those of you who know me probably laughed heartily right there), and I do use Video Games as a way to help myself cope with things I just don’t want to deal with. It’s a decent social outlet and it provides some forms of happiness. I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket though. If it was taken away from me, because I did something that I knew was not within the rules set forth by the people I bought the product from, I would chalk that up to my screw up and sadly move on… if they took my stuff away when I clearly had not done anything, nothing at all, even then I would probably not automatically jump to suing.

Now the thing that really kicks me in the balls is that he ALSO sued Microsoft for the Red Ring of Death. This one shocked me the most. Not so much that he sued, this seems standard with this guy, but that he sued because “he claims he can’t afford the $100 fee Microsoft would charge him to fix it.”

Let me pause for dramatic effect.


Wait, so you had the money to buy a PS3, a Wii, the games for all of the above, a 360, and Xbox live (obviously, it’s his “social outlet”) but you can’t afford $100 to fix the Red Ring?!


Again, I don’t care what kind of mental issues you have, and though Crohn’s disease sounds like it suuuucks, it does not give you the automatic right to ignore rules set forth by a company and its product, rules that did not need to be broken for you to enjoy your Wii, 360 and PS3 in social settings.

As us gamers would say, STFU and GTFO.



~ by machombie on 11/21/2009.

2 Responses to “Declaration of Independence? Really?”

  1. HA! I read this article too!! What got me the most was the fact that he said he couldn’t afford the $100 dollar XBox fee but he has enough money to pay the lawyers for all of the companies he’s trying to sue. His actions defeat his logic!!!

    • Yep, sad really.

      Because of his bitching about each and every company, and nothing really substantial, it makes me suspicious of all these “ailments” he has.

      Most people aren’t really found of these things, and don’t ALWAYS like to use them as crutches. But to make it everyone else’s problem… hmmmm…

      But he lost, sooooo, maybe he learned something?

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