Aion is no more.

After thinking about it for quite some time, I’ve decided that I just don’t have the time and interest to continue playing Aion, so I’ve cancelled the account.

Now, it actually has nothing to do with Aion itself, I think it has more to do with my current state of gaming. I acquired Dragon Age: Origins just the other day, I’ve been playing a lot of God of War (1, 2 soon AND the demo) and I keep going back to Modern Warfare 2 multi-player. Throw on top of that some Borderlands, which in itself is another RPG, and of course keeping up with Street Fighter IV and Blazblue and I basically have no time to grind.

It sucks, but all the other games I’m playing are free, Aion is $15 a month… oh well. Hopefully, I’ll be more ready for an MMO when Old Republic rolls around.

Anyway, Dragon Age is intriguing, so I really want to continue with that game… I think it has to do with the Mass Effect-ish style of furthering your story by answering questions in your own way and not really being able to go back once you’ve made a decision. I felt there was weight to my actions. For example, I betrayed my friend and his love, but I actually didn’t want to. I felt sort of bad about their idea of running away (long story) and deceiving the higher ups, so I told someone I thought would help. Of course, he told me to help them so that they could be captured. Well, I felt bad about that too, so I told them about it. Of course, the friend was furious. All and all, it’s pretty cool to know that had I done things differently, my story would have unfolded differently. It’s crazy to also note that I’m not sure what happened to my friend, but I am sure I’ll see him again.

On a different note, God of War Collections is a MUST buy if you own a PS3 and are a God of War fan. It’s so fantastic to see how well this game has aged, it’s soooooo much fun. And the God of War 3 demo is ridiculous. I’m pretty sure this game is going to EAT other games. Like, when it comes out, it will nuke Barbie’s Adventure Island. It may actually be too hot to put in your PS3… it’s like they took 1 and 2, threw it in a blender, asked fans what would be awesome, threw in some super mega killer graphics, made it super brutal, and put a dash of perfection powder. Viola, the game to beat in 2010.

March cannot come soon enough.

Anyway, I’d thought I’d leave you with some inspiring words, by a FANTASTIC artist, someone who’s words define a generation… /endsarcasm:

“Pa-Pa-Pa-Poker Face, Pa-Pa-Poker Faaaaace!”


~ by machombie on 11/19/2009.

5 Responses to “Sadly…”

  1. “She ain’t lovin’ anybody”

    Challenge is still open…I’ll get a second controller if needed….or if possible I could use my keyboard and mouse so long as we do FPS. Lol.

    • I need someone good to play…

      • Good is just a word sir, I’m not sure what my level would be, but I’m willing. Sadly, I’m on the PS3 and my computer is not up to snuff for proper FPS gaming… soooo, we shall see!

  2. I did find a place where you could educate me, it’s in Alpharetta. The name of the place is Computer Arena…pretty nice set up. I’m open any time be it for the ass whoopin’ of my life or just hang out.

  3. I’m in, I’d love to. Just let me know when you’re free, and I’ll see if I can swing it!

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