Nerd rage.

I’m normally one to completely and utterly ignore nerd rage. Screaming and bitching for a change in a game has always devolved into caps lock, meme throwing and inconsequential, and normally incorrect facts.

But being a nerd, I must occasionally have my nerd rage moments, and I had that moment today.

Why, why, WHY can’t companies agree on a universal date for a game, and not a stupid STREET date and RELEASE date?

If something says the game releases 11/17/09, then why in the HELL do I waltz into my local Gamestop, kindly request my God of War Collection game, and I’m promptly told “Oh, that’s been delayed, it will be out tomorrow.”

Delayed? Did they forget to put the sex mini game back in the beginning?

I cannot fathom why one date, a date that has been set in stone for quite some time, can all of a sudden be changed with no reason at all, the day before. Unlike LBP, which was legitimate, even if it was still a ridiculous reason. But even LBP was earlier than the day it was supposed to be released.

This is definitely not the first time this has happened to me either, to the point that I don’t know who to believe anymore. If a game is going to be released, release it. And if you don’t think it can be released in that certain date, don’t give us a date that is “technically right” and “technically wrong.”

I know there are things that happen during development, or during release that can hinder the process, but obviously it isn’t that huge of a thing if it’s being released tomorrow… supposedly.

I suppose I’ll get over it, but it’s very, very frustrating.

Well, anyway, plus side is I got my God of War III demo, which I shall be enjoying in a few.


~ by machombie on 11/17/2009.

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