Modern Warfare 2 SUCKS!!

Okay, let’s start from square 1.

I don’t believe that.

But apparently, this kid does. Possible not work safe, but:


So, I’ve never been THAT disappointed of a game… really. I go “damn, that sucked.”

I then proceed to play it some more, until my hands protest and strangle me, in which case I then stop and trade it in… for $5 and a tic tac from Gamestop. But punching walls and crying? Did you like Modern Warfare?

Here’s my take. Let’s start with the “bad.” Modern Warfare 2 is more of the same. Is that bad?

A resounding no! Modern Warfare was good, and even I didn’t get all fanboy-ish about it. It was an enjoyable game, where you blew stuff up, twists and turns, guns… the end. What is Modern Warfare 2? The SAME thing, only this time you have more guns… and blow up more stuff… and leave Washington war torn.

So it’s more of the same, and people cry foul? Wow. I mean, that would be like saying you didn’t like World at War, or really any recent World War 2 game, because it was more of the same, beating up Nazis and laughing at Japanese people. I’m not sure why people were expecting this to be a nuke in the middle of your city, the developers even said that they were looking at a short and sweet campaign, like the first one. And if you didn’t feel some edge-of-your-seat excitement while playing this game, then you have no pulse. Some people are so full of shit, sitting there going “I knew that was coming, I knew this was coming, yep he betrays you, blah, blah, blah, blaaaah!”

It’s ridiculous. Sit down, shut up and play the multi-player. I’ll bet you 90% of the Modern Warfare 2 fanbase just bought it for the multiplayer anyway (percentage courtesy of my ass again.)

My final outlook on this game? It’s good. Now, Modern Warfare 3 might have to change some stuff up, otherwise then we’ll be crying foul… but there is no point in punching walls and crying because you thought Modern Warfare 2 would cure cancer and end world hunger. It’s a game, enjoy it, or go play something else.

And trust me, I encounter purist everyday. “Such and such 2 SUCKED compared to such and such!” Well, thank god such and such developer didn’t ask your opinion, or no one would ever continue a story.

High quality, great voice acting, kind of flat, but still intruiging, storyline, more guns and a fun, but frustrating, multiplayer. I consider Modern Warfare 2 a good follow up. And there is nothing cooler than seeing Washington in ruins after a huge battle.

Now someone go give that kid some Ritalin.


~ by machombie on 11/15/2009.

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