Yellow is more epic than epic.

Quick update about Aion, I got my first… well, super epic. As in most MMOs, items are ranked as White, Green, Blue, Purple and then Yellow, based on how rare the item is. Soooooo:


And because it’s yellow, I assume that socketing it with manastones, as seen above… is going to be an extreme pain. The above was after many tries, and as you can see, I was afraid to socket the last slot for fear of losing the three I was able to get in.

Anyway, the sword looks amazing, and as my items fell into place, I began to realize how amazing the art direction in this game really is. I look pretty cool:


And the front view, with my epic mask:


I’m not sure what people have been complaining about this game, even with a subpar computer, I’ve been having a ton of fun. Even if the drops suck in Fire Temple, one of the plus 30 instances, what other game has… a giant wheel as a boss!


Even PvPvE has been fun, though I happen to have a fairly difficult class to PvP with. Gladiators seem to be very easily kited, as I’ve found out the hard way numerous times. My Legion, Masters of the Universe, have been trying to do some PvP, and we took one of the artifacts. An artifact in the Abyss allows you to buff everyone in the Abyss, which is useful during a Fortress raid. Well, what’s cool, when you capture an Artifact or Fortress, it places your Legion crest on the object you captured. Ours happens to be the Linux Penguin as He-Man:


Speaking of Artifacts and Fortresses, I happened to be lucky enough to get in on the Asmodian’s first Fortress capture, and even while my computer was coughing and sputtering, I did get turned into this:


Totally ballin.

Anyway, I’m still having frustrating fun (PvP is very frustrating at times) and we shall see where I end up in a few weeks. For now, I leave you with more fantastic art direction:



~ by machombie on 11/06/2009.

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