The Aion Edition: For real this time!

Ah ha! So this is the real Aion update, and there is a looooot to update.

So where to start?

Let’s break this up into sections, and start from the beginning shall we?

The Beginning: Level 1-10

I really thought this was going to suck, considering I had already experienced most of what the game had to offer in these levels. I was wrong.

Something about the experience this time felt smoother. I re-made Howler on a server called Kaisinel, still Asmodian, and I definitely made him look sexier (no, for real.)


Yes, those are mutton chops.

As you can see, I still rolled a Warrior. I was still determined to be a Gladiator, since I had so much fun with it in beta.

And so began my journey. I of course bought the Collector’s Edition of Aion, so I had some good stuff to begin with. Of course, I didn’t have to go to the mail to get it, they brought it to me!


I thought that was pretty cool, but apparently it doesn’t happen with all items in the game… too bad eh?

Of course, the awesomeness occurred at level 10… I GOT MY WINGS! I also switched to Polearms, the staple of Gladiators everywhere, much better than sword and shield.


Oh chya. Well anyway, I already knew about all of that stuff, so level 1-10 was fairly uneventful.

The New Stuff: Level 10-20

This was were the magic began happening.

First off, I finally learned the importance of DP points. I received a DP skill from a quest, Explosion of Rage. I wondered why I couldn’t use it, then realized that the bar under my MP was the reason. Once that filled up by one, you could use the skill, which in my case was a very powerful, and very awesome pickup and slam to the ground.

There’s also this cool glow around your character when you gain DP, and it gets stronger for each level of DP you receive, up to 3 levels.


I also did not realize that my recoverable experience points (the dark blue area on my experience bar) could be regained at a soul healer, for a price. A fairly exorbitant price actually…

This time around, I also picked up a craft, two to be exact. At first I tried to grab as many as I could but as I leveled up my Armorsmithing, I realized that this was not going to be possible.

However, one of the best things they came up with in Aion was the work order!


Basically, it allows you to level up your craft without wasting your own mats. You also have a chance of receiving patterns or materials when you successfully complete the quest… much better than wasting mats on crap you won’t use just to level up your craft.

It actually made crafting a little bit more fun and useful, although it’s still boring as crap to sit there and craft something for two hours.

Anyway, I continued questing, mostly alone. There really wasn’t that much group stuff. There was disturbing female characters however:

Heh… Mumu Zoo. Although humorous, a very annoying quest. It wasn’t until a little later I was introduced to what I deem “open world instances.” Who knows if that’s the official name, that’s what I call it. You have to get a group of six together, as a group, and all the enemies take hits like enemies in instances in WoW (they’re elite.) The big difference is, it’s an actual area, so other groups can also be in the same area, at the same time, killing things. Kind of odd, however, Aion devs added in channels, so that it wouldn’t get to crowded. Bunch of groups killing things already? Switch channels.

The Good Stuff: Level 20-30

At 20, I switched up my UI to look like WoW’s interface. I did it mostly because of group play, as it’s easier to see my life and my group’s life when it’s set up like WoW’s interface.

Things start picking up in the low 20s, although leveling really sucked. It took a bit more grinding than normal, but at least the quests were becoming more diverse and story line driven, and the lore started to really take shape.


The quest above gives you a really important mechanic in your early 20s, what’s called Stigmas. Basically, they’re just moves you normally would not have, that you can slot in for a price, Stigma Shards, that drop later in the Abyss (discussed below.)

At 23, I made my first blue gear in crafting, my first blue gear ever really, if you don’t include the stuff I got from the collector’s edition.

First try too. It was very exciting for me, and unfortunately, I haven’t been able to replicate that luck since.

Anyway, big stuff started happening at 25. I was able to run another “open world instance,” Taran’s Cavern, and take on my first real boss of Aion. Pretty exciting stuff.


I also gained access to the much touted PvPvE area, the Abyss! This area, is seriously cool. There is no flying restriction, you can fly anywhere, and both Elyos and Asmodians inhabit this area, so you always run of risk of getting attacked from players.

You also are fighting the Balaur, the NPC race in Aion, which is where the E in PvPvE comes from. It’s very exhilarating, especially that you fly anywhere for as long as your wings can hold you up.


30 and beyond

So now I’m 31 currently, and I was able to put my Collector’s Edition wings on. Man do theses wings make collecting Aether Crystals in the sky so much easier, as it extends my flight time. They also look badass.


I also created some more green armor, that looks pretty awesome as well. I’m at a pretty good spot right now, still having fun, and can actually compete in PvP because of a Stigma called Ankle Snare. Now people can’t just run away from me all day, I can keep them in place for 10 seconds while I do some damage. Of course, this is so important that the Ankle Snare Stigma is very expensive in the Auction House. They go for around 200k, which is a lot for a Stigma. I was lucky enough to have one drop!

Anyway, my plans now are to try and do more PvP, as well as get to some new and exciting instances (actual instances, not open world instances.)

We shall see what happens!

In other gaming news, Fifa 10 coverage coming soon, as well as some Uncharted 2 stuff!


~ by machombie on 10/19/2009.

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