Wait… it’s not Street Fighter?

Aion has been on my plate a lot lately. I SWEAR I will be getting some pictures and information up soon, I have just had very little time with work, school… and well, Aion.

I also realize I probably need a better processor than the one currently running Aion, as it does tend to chug a bit, so hopefully I will be working on that soon…

I know I say these things and never really do them, but hey, money and time are scarce commodities.

That’s not what this post is about, however. Today, I found a quaint little game with a quaint little name (and mascot) that I actually have been enjoying for the one night that I’ve played it:

Source: http://img7.raidpic.com/46CC_LOGO.png

It intrigues you, does it not… you want to play it, you MUST!

So the game starts out with a mustachioed, Steve Irwin-esque character telling you about the wacky and ADORABLE ecosystem of the wacky and adorable Biggsliocaucus, who you can refer to as Biggs!


Source: http://img.jeuxvideo.fr/02360528-photo-critter-crunch.jpg

I’m normally not one for cute… but, I will say this:


Okay, I mean, I did play LittleBigPlanet, which held the title for cute for a long time, but that’s just plain adorable. It even does this cute booty jiggle, break dance spin, wink victory dance when you complete a level!

Anyway, on to the gameplay. If you liked or like bejeweled, you’ll like this. The concept is very simple.

Source: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3621/3523167151_8c9ddcd567_o.jpg

Biggs is at the bottom. You move him left and right between each row and you use his long tongue (with X) to grab bugs and hold them. The goal is to then feed this bug to a bug above it on the food chain. So for example, the bug in the black square below:


Can be eaten by the bug in this black square:


And that bug can be eaten by the largest bugs (for example, the one next to the one above.)

Like bejeweled, exploding a bug like this also blows up the bugs of the same color next to it. These bugs then drop crystals that fill up the meter on your left. Your goal is to fill this meter before a bug reaches the bottom row.

It’s a very simple mechanic, that eventually gets more complicated as it adds in bombs, power ups, bonuses, barfing and special situations and challenges. All I know is, it’s surprisingly addictive (as most of these games are) and well worth the 6.99 (I think that’s what I paid.)

I highly recommend it, especially if you like games like bejeweled and whatnot. The game play is solid, the visuals are amazing and detailed and don’t forget… it’s ADORABLE.

Play it! Aion coming soon, for real this time!


~ by machombie on 10/16/2009.

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