Fight Night, Part 10

So it’s been a while since I’ve actually written about Street Fighter, but since I was doing so well tonight, I thought I’d blog a little about it.

Something about my game has finally clicked, and I find myself reading people a lot better now. Of course, there are still things I’m having issues with:

1. Someone with a good wakeup game, both ways.

Someone who can read my wakeups (which I try to change up, focus attacks, buffalo heads, dash backs, dash forwards, I try to keep it fresh, so they have to guess, just as much as I have to guess what they’re thinking) is trouble. I’ve lost most of my games on the ground. When I can get up and take offensive, I normally can stage a comeback.

2. Grabs.

Ugh, grabs are the bane of my existence. I find it hard to read someone who is about to tic grab. It sucks. I have, however, found a way around this. I can’t remember what forum I saw this in, but I remember someone saying that you could actually do crouching jab and short (light punch and light kick) together. When crouching, this will either do a low kick (if they are blocking or moving forward) or will break the grab if they are attempting to grab.

This works superbly. I went from a 10% chance of breaking throws, to like a 50% (percentages brought to you by my ass, where I pulled them out of.) And it’s a great way to get someone off your back, and sometimes, get them to block if they are walking forward. It works pretty well.

I’ve also went from 30% chance of doing my crouching light punch, light punch, light kick, ex-rushing upper, crouching light punch, light punch, buffalo head, to successfully landing this about 80% of the time.

I see this as not only doing good damage, but also really messing with your opponent’s mind.

It’s all mind games, and so far I’m working on this pretty hard.

And finally, focus attacks. I’ve started doing this more often instead of anti-airs, such as crouching hard punch or standing medium punch. It comes out faster, and can normally turn the tide of the battle faster.

More and different things to come to the Balrog Blog soon, stick around.


~ by machombie on 10/07/2009.

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