Kratos thinks it’s a good idea…

Hearing about this through the grapevine, I scrounged around and did indeed find this:

Quick synopses, it basically announces that Sony will be releasing God of War I (GoW I) and God of War II (GoWII) on one BluRay CD (ONE BLURAY, sexy.) They also will be “upping” the graphics to be in HIIIIIGH DEFINITION, or 720p. They even will be sticking trophies into the bunch.

On top of that, it’ll only be 39.99. That’s basically the price of both games as greatest hits for the PS2.

The only thing that would make each of those GoW fanboys happy is if they made it a digital download (no, seriously, I saw posts on some blogs asking for a digital version. A nerd war ensued.)

As a gigantic GoW fan, this was… well, gigantic news. It got me thinking.

As if Sony isn’t already hand over fist in money… does anyone over there realize how much money they would make if they did this with soooo many other games.

Devil May Cry, Snake Eater, some of the Final Fantasies… those are just naming a few I like. I’m sure there are many more that they can pimp out in 720p and make some money.

All I know is, I’m literally re-buying GoW I and GoW II… and I honestly don’t care. The convenience of one CD, both games, and 720p?!

I’m sold.

Of course, let’s not forget about God of War III… so much GoW…

Aion coverage on Tuesday.


~ by machombie on 09/20/2009.

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