I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!

Once again, a game has gotten in the way of updating. Ironic right?

So far, my view on Ultimate Alliance 2 is very positive. I didn’t think I would enjoy it at first, as the first level forces you to play Wolverine, Spiderman, Captain America and Iron Man. However, it sets up the story, and you get some more choices later, without having to unlock anything. Once you get past the “past” levels, it gets awesome.

As usual, the gameplay is very hectic, very fast paced, but the powers really lend themselves to this kind of action. They jump you with tons of numbers, and you retaliate by busting out a power that clears out these enemies (surprisingly, this is different for each character, I mean very different.) Although most moves have about the same properties, they are not really generic. Yes you have projectile powers, melee powers, crowd clearing powers, but you must learn what works and what doesn’t in certain situations with certain characters. It really teaches you to stick with a character and learn them. Fortunately, you aren’t forced to create certain teams to defeat certain mobs or bosses. Although it might make it easier to make certain teams, I didn’t feel it pigeonholed you into choosing certain teams.

Fusions are tons of fun. I play Songbird, and there is nothing more fun the using her fusion with Deadpool. She collects all the enemies under her, Deadpool chucks some grenades, and then blows the hell out of them.

Very cool.

I’m highly enjoying it right now.

Anyway, currently on The Balrog Blog’s plate:

1. Some collabarators.

2. Possibly a new setup, better camera to record matches. Which will be nice before I can get a capture card setup.

3. AION!

Should be coming soon, stick around.


~ by machombie on 09/16/2009.

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