Trophies, alliances, and… gayness!

So crazy news in gaming! Well, sorta of.

Arkham Asylum is finished!

Great game, really it was. To the point that I actually WANTED to get all the trophies for it. Strategy guide in hand, I scoured Arkham for Riddler Trophies, scanned every riddle, and (spoiler alert, highlight the area after “I knew” to find out what it is) I knew it was Warden Sharp all along!

Anyway, I only need one more trophy to %100 the trophies, which is actually a first in my trophy collection! I’ve already %100 the game, but now I have to beat the game on hard. Easy as cake.

Next up, I am still playing Street Fighter IV, but again, I’m getting better, slowly. Which is good.

So next week, once again, Street Fighter will be on break, as Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 arrives September 15th! Awesome…

I plan on using Penance (I know, useful information)

And finally, I’m now more ticked off by… well, someone, either Sony or Rockstar games.

Another Libery City stories is being released September 29th, The Ballad of Gay Tony. The commercial really got me excited, but guess what!?

It’s a 360 exclusive! Woo Hoo! It’s the Lost and the Damned all over again! Really though, this infuriates me. I love Grand Theft Auto IV, so why should I not be allowed to experience these “stories.” The Ballad of Gay Tony looks so good too, it really dissapoints me.

It sucks for me, really, unless I decide to run out and get a 360… which I will not, I need money for that, and I can’t afford that and games.

Maybe sometime down the road, Rockstar will change it’s mind and release these things for the PS3.


~ by machombie on 09/07/2009.

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