My Asylum

Looks like fighting games are going to be on hiatus for a bit, Batman: Arkham Asylum came out two days ago, and well… it’s a HIGH level of good.

Let me repeat, a HIGH level of SPECTACULAR.

This truly is a really good game.

As a friend said, “It’s like Batman: The Animated Series all grown up.”

And this is very true. Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are of course, Batman and The Joker, respectively. They could not have done their roles any better had they been sitting right next to you, talking into your ear and cackling maniacally straight into your brain.

This was well worth the trip to GameStop as soon as it opened.

Anyway, I FINALLY took a small break just to play something else. As excited as I am to get to the end, I have been playing a LOT of Batman.

I’ll post more later, maybe some pictures of the Collector’s Edition, but for now, I’m going to go brush up quickly on some Street Fighter.


~ by machombie on 08/27/2009.

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