Gorilla Fate, Part 5

I’ve been trying out a new character lately. He’s cool. Really, he is, I’m very surprised I didn’t pick him up first thing, or at least as a second, long ago.

He’s pretty high tier too, if I’m not mistaken, under Rachel and Nu.

Guessed yet? Why it’s the Crimson Swarm himself:


Source: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5935


I picked him thinking he was cool, and it turned out he really is. After beating the arcade with him, I was convinced he was a pimp. I guess he started out as this dude… human of course, who was looking for something, or doing some kind of experiment or something… with magic. Well, he went from scientist to… this.

It’s a fighting game, expect the story to be cryptic for a looooong time, for now.

Ironically, he eats the members of the Kaka clan, which is where Taokaka is from! So, my mortal enemy is also my friend.

Oh, squiggly.

I digress.

So, the thing about Arakune, is that his drive is this curse thing. My personal favorites are j.5D (and 4,1,2,3,6) and 236 + D. I occasionally use 2D, because it is extremely cheap, and always seems to hit, I guess because it’s deceptively fast and hits low (I think.)

Well, when cursed, the fun starts. He has bugs of his swarm he can summon, A summons one from the left, B from the right, C just a little under the opponent and the awesome one, D, comes from the top and summons a bug that does a painful amount of hits.

So basically, as long as you don’t use the same button, most of these bugs combo into each other. Literally, if you’re quick and just sort of run on instinct, you can combo almost anything with the bugs (especially D.)

Anyway, all and all, fun character to play. You can play the asshole version, jumping around a lot, cursing, then letting the bugs do the work… or you can do a mixture of combos, aggressiveness, and assholing it up, which is what I do.

My two favorite combos:

1. j.D, 5D, JC, j.5A, j.5A, j.5B, land, 236236 + C (his distortion)

This one just looks cool, and does a good chunk of damage, and does not seem to prorate your distortion drive very much. I mean, it goes into the 3.4k after the distortion, and if you’re quick, you can follow it up (like I do with Tao.)

Also, instead of landing, you can do:

j.D, 5D, JC, j.5A, j.5A, j.5B, j.5C, Grab, 236 + C

A good one to throw out, like, once or twice when they don’t see the grab coming. It does 4k (something around there) damage and again, looks pretty cool. What I like is that you can actually use the grab button to do the first j.5C and it will automatically grab for the second one.

Trust me, it works.

2. 2A, (sometimes you can do a quick second 2A, but I don’t risk it because it pushes them back too far) 5B, 5D (the cancel has to be fast on this one and they end up cursed), in the middle of 5D do C bug, JC, j.5D, land, 6C, 5C, 2C.

Another good one for damage, for the cost of a poke. I can’t remember the damage, but it’s close to 3k. The timing on the 5B, 5D is difficult sometimes, and the jump cancel during the C bug is a lot to think about, but once you get the rhythm down, it looks cool and works pretty well. You can replace the 6C, 5C, 2C chain with something else, but I don’t think you’ll do as much damage (for example, JC, 2A, 2A, 5C, etc…)

Note that on all these combos, the bugs are doing their own thing. I mean, hell, sometimes you can throw in extra bugs by pressing buttons, along with your normal combo buttons, in the middle of the move. Some hit, some don’t, but it’s all good.

He’s… fun. I’m not the best with him, and I probably never will be, it’s a lot to think about in the middle of a combo, and sometimes playing him on instinct just works better. But man, some of those combo videos are amazing. This one particularly is good, music and combo-wise:

I’m sure that’s not a level I will be acheiving anytime soon, but I hope to learn a few of those links in those combos.

Anyway, good online night tonight. Lost to a Haku-men who was being annoying, but most of my other wins/loses were pretty decent matches. Fought mostly Taos, Arakunes and Noels (ironically.)


~ by machombie on 08/21/2009.

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