Fight Night, Part 7

Ah, gaming. How you break me so.

Today I went and pre-ordered Batman: Arkham Asylum, the Collector’s Edition. After playing the demo, I am very excited about this game. It looks awesome, the fighting is smooth, responsive and acrobatic and the voice acting is top notch. The stealth feels fairly natural, and there weren’t many opportunities to test out the detective in depth, but it doesn’t matter… even without all that, the demo is spectacular.

Anyway, the collector’s edition is about $99, before tax. I… I think it’s worth it though. It comes in what appears to be a a batarang shaped hardcase, contains the game (of course), a behind the scenes of the game and a full color manual. It also comes with, what I think, is the first of the downloadable challenge maps.

One of my favorite parts is the Embossed Leather Dust Jacket that has the Arkham Doctor’s Journal inside.

That’s pretty awesome.

Finally, the cremé de la cremé of this set is the 14″ batarang with stand. Oh man, if it’s removable from the stand, it just went up even further on the pimpin scale.

Anyway, August 25th can’t come soon enough.

On to the fighting!

I have two videos (I was having some technical difficulties loading them, so it took me all night to get two up) from 8-17-09, so I will be breaking them down for the most part.

8-17-09 Semi-Final

Alright, so first things first, don’t taunt the whole match. I’m okay with taunting, but only after you do something cool… or you’re winning. Not the whole match. Otherwise, a fairly straight forward match, he was easier than most Abel’s I’ve fought. Now, right off the bat, he does the change of direction combo, which I believe is low, high, low… but for some reason the low grab still came off. I swear I blocked low, but oh well, I was proud of myself for blocking most of it anyway. At about 0:32, I whiff an Ultra… I was getting greedy, I should have known he wasn’t at the right angle for that to hit.

Anyway, I felt we jumped too much (both of us) but hey, it got the job done. I also felt he kept trying to hit that uppercut elbow thing Abel has… a lot, but he never did a particularly good job of finishing.

8-17-09 Match One

So I was talking about the “oh shit” button for Dhalsim, and well, this match showcases the ONE time I actually did it. Something about his teleport is deceptive, it screws me up a lot.

Anyway, I’m really glad I got such a head start on him the first round. As you can see, he could keep me away all day if he wanted too, so finding openings was annoying.

So note, when fighting a Balrog, an opening Focus Attack is a good idea, especially if it’s a very aggressive Balrog. But when you do it once, and he doesn’t Rush Punch, (or he whiffs it) don’t do it again. He will make you eat a Running Low Uppercut, as you can see at 0:12. The combo after the TAP is basically the main reason I play Balrog. It just looks so… smooth.

Anyway, once he started teleporting around, I was getting frustrated. I kept trying to get his arm hitboxes when he did the aerial, long arm overhead that he did, but not none of my moves were connecting. Finally, an ex-Rushing Upper got me in there, and I was set. I gave him my own overhead.

At about 1:34, I put myself in the corner… and he goes off. It was quite frustrating. Using my ex-Rushing Punch to get in there, I screw up and end up on Dhalsim’s bad side again. At this point, he zones me. Unfortunately for him, he gave me time to think, and once I saw his Yoga Fire, Low Hit strategy I had my mind set up on what to do.


I like that part.


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