New Directions

So I’m taking The Balrog Blog in the direction I originally thought I would. As I’ve said before, I am a gamer, and well, I don’t JUST play fighting games. So I, along with some friends of mine, might be doing some posts soon on other games.

Anyway, nothing new in the way of BlazBlue and Street Fighter.

I’ve tweaked my poke combo (2A x n) so that now it will hit anyone. I think it depends on the weight of the character, because occasionally my drive combos completely whiff.

So now, depending on the character, (Noel is one I can think of right off the top of my head) 236 + AA will re-position them so that 2D~6 hits them and allows me to continue the combo.

I’m still working on tick throws and combos starting with C, since these do more damage in general.


~ by machombie on 08/11/2009.

2 Responses to “New Directions”

  1. God, I’m starting to not understand these shit more and more.

    I really wanna get my ass kicked in BlazBlue and SF by you. Wish I had a console…

    • HAHA! Dude, you just have to ask, I didn’t know anyone even frickin reads these things…

      Any questions you got, I will totally answer… oh and, GET A PS3, RIGHT NOW!

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