Fight Night, Part 6

So I need like an “oh shit!” button for when I fight Dhalsim. As you all already know, I’m terrible with crossups… and, Dhalsim has sort of the king of all crossups.

When he teleports, it really is hard, for a second, to figure out which way he’s coming from, unless you have really, really fast reaction time, which I sadly I do not…

So I’m working on an “oh shit!” button for said teleport, something that can get him off me. I’m thinking crouching Hard Punch will work, if I can think that fast. Possibly just normal Hard Punch would do it too… I’ll test that later.

Anyway, only one new video tonight. I was dowloading the 40 something minutes of video from me and my friend’s match, which sucks because I missed some good matches. Anyway, it’s a Final against a Ryu… not the greatest Ryu…

I apologize for the centering, I didn’t get the camera set up properly.

8-8-09 Final


~ by machombie on 08/08/2009.

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