Gorilla Fate, Part 4

There was a lot of BlazBlue played today.

I fought a lot of my friend’s Noel today, highly annoying. Once he learned a lot of my combos and tendencies, it was getting harder and harder to win. I was noticing that unfortunately, my combos just don’t do enough unless they are grab related.

So I worked on it.

A lot of my combos simply needed a little retuning to add a little more damage. In the case of Noel, I’m noticing that certain combos are harder to hit with, a few of which I will be describing below.

The first one:

2A, JC, 5A, 5C, 9D (hold 9), 5c, 9D (hold 9), 236 + BBB

This one is very similar to the one I was doing before of 5A, 5C, JC, 5A, 5C, etc… but apparently having the drive move in there adds more damage, go figure.

Now, most websites display it as:

9D ~ 6

Indicating that the drive is cancelled by pressing foward. The problem is, I find that unreliable. So, I just hold the 9 direction, and I’ve been having much more success with drive cancels.

It’s also much more reliable, for the most part, then the grab version.

The second improvement is to a grab combo I was using:

4b+c charge 236c, c, 2D (hold 9), 5c, 9d (hold 9),5c, 9d (hold 9), 236 + BBB


4b+c 235 + AAAA, 2D (hold 9), 5c, 9d (hold 9), 5c, 9d (hold 9), 236 + BBB

4b+c 235 + AAAA, 2D (hold 9), 5c, 9d (hold 9), 5c, 9d (hold 9), 236 + BBB

Each combo does much more damage, are much more reliable, and look cooler. Win win in my opinion.

Anyway, as I normally say, back to Street Fighter IV sometime this weekend or this week.


~ by machombie on 08/07/2009.

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