Gorilla Fate, Part 3

So lots of good stuff tonight.

First off, I think BlazBlue got a lot of stuff right when it comes to online stuff, that Street Fighter could learn from.

First, two gripes.

1. D-Code Cards… like, it shows which character you main, and which character you second. The problem is, once you get INTO a match, it shows the character your opponent is choosing as unknown… what’s the point of having the unknown picking if the D-Cards show you who you are most likely picking… odd.

2. Laaaag. For the most part, matches lag… not too much, but a lot more the Street Fighter, in some cases. Oh well.

Other than that, the replay is like obvious genius. The ability to see your matches… awesome. Also, the match making is fast and easy, and I normally end up with someone my level, if I specify this.

Anyway, on to how my Tao is doing.

First off, I have two new combos, the first of which isn’t 100% guaranteed, as they can get out of the grab… but if they DON’T, damage fest 3000:

2A, 2A, 5B, 2B, 6A, JC into 5A, 5c JC, 5A, 5C, JC, 5A,  B+C (grab)… on land 6A, jC (a quick one) 5A, 236 + BBBB… etc.

Sometimes I throw in a second grab instead of 236 + BBB… but sometimes, that’s pushing my luck…

Now this combo is interruptible, but I figure it’s some good amount of hits and damage before the grab, so… it’s worth it. But you would be surprised, many people don’t counter the grab, or don’t counter it properly.


2A, 2A, 5B, 2B, 6A, 214214 C Distortion Drive

This one is more for taunting/aesthetic value. The damage scaling makes it kind of useless after the 6A. But it looks cool, and does about 46ish hits…

Anyway, my Tao game has improved, but I’m just under Intermediate. Lots of cancels make her game hard to learn, but I hope to get myself there soon.

My Balrog is still ok. I’m noticing the two games are feeding off each other. I’m better at connecting my Rushing Upper combos because of how fast BlazBlue is. Street Fighter IV seems like a turtle in comparison. And sometimes, I slow my ass down in BlazBlue thanks to Street Fighter IV. My mixup (hell, even crossup) game is getting much better, thanks to both games.

We shall see how my Street Fighter IV fares later this week, or possibly this weekend. Hope to have videos of my match against my friend’s Ken in a few days (if I don’t get lazy.)

Anyway, here is one more video from 7/29/09. I will hopefully be recording and posting some more stuff, along with the aforementioned Ken videos in the next few days.

7-29-09 Match Two


~ by machombie on 08/06/2009.

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