Gorilla Fate, Part 1

Tonights Fight Night is brought to you by BlazBlue.

Okay, so first off, I am really glad I played Guilty Gear before this. It really gets you ready for BlazBlue. BlazBlue, is a great game and I feel it’s actually faster than Guilty Gear. That, or maybe it’s just my character. I play the Taoster, Taokaka!

Well anyway, tonight I had something happen that made me laugh pretty hard, and I’m sure my opponent was cursing my name.

I was playing a Bang, we had each won a round and were on our final round. Close to the ends of our lives, Bang started his Distortion Drive. Now, mind you, I had only used what I’m about to show you once against the computer, and it worked, but I wasn’t confident about it…

But I thought “What the hell, it’s just an online match!”

I proceeded to do, what I now deem, the amazing 3, 3 + C. And here is the outcome: TaoDistortionCLash

Her move CLASHES with Bang’s Distortion Drive. I then proceed to do 2,1,4,2,1,4 + C which resulted in this:


I finished up after the Distortion with 6A, j.C into A, 2,1,4 + BBBB etc…

He had burst before this (I still call it burst) so of course he took a TON of damage. Hilariously, he survived with a pixel of life, but chip damage did him in with my pressure string.

It was awesome to a high degree. I definitely will be doing that to other Bangs…

Anyway, I feel good about online BlazBlue. Hope to get back to Street Fighter IV soon!


~ by machombie on 08/02/2009.

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