Fight Night, Part 5

So I was up pretty late playing, a lot were not recorded because my battery died and I’m lazy.

I actually had some good matches. I played a lot of Ryus tonight, interestingly enough.

So tonight, my main problems were punishing and pressure. I wasn’t punishing enough, definitely was not punishing enough.

Specifically, I had a match against an Ryu, early in the night, where I was running into nearly every single attack he executed on me. It was fairly ridiculous. I could have won my first round had I not gotten rocked by so many of hisrandom attacks.

But, the whole night was not a waste. I had quite a few matches that left me confident at the skill level I’m at now. Instead of completely crumbling under pressure, I was able to get myself out of some sticky situations… for the most part.

One thing I used tonight that I think I learned from Gootecks was the slight backup, crouching Medium Punch into whatever you feel like. It’s ridiculously good. For some reason, seeing your opponent backup seems to make them want to take the offensive, and crouching Medium Punch has a really deceptive range, and can combo into Super, and various other Balrog punches.

Only problem is keeping the charge if you step forward a little early, but at least the punch stuffs any attempts at retaliation.

Anyway, I have a few videos from my 7-27-09 post that I’m working on editing.

In advance, sorry for the low quality and the gray bar, and please mute if you don’t like rap music. These are just a few, I’m working on getting more later!

7-27-09 Match Two

7-27-09 Semi-Final

7-27-09 Final

As I said before, this is the match I wasn’t too pleased with my performance. At 0:25 I jump into a Shoryuken. The second worst thing of the night, in my opinion, was at 0:40 when I jumped and Low Kicked after his whiffed Shoryuken. I was trying to Focus Attack… At about 1:20 I do a ex-Headbutt into Ultra, and what I believe is lag caused me to utterly whiff it. I was really pissed…

I screwed up a combo around 1:30 and he did his Ultra (a reflex Ultra as he seems to do) and I could not believe that I jumped right into it… and then, as I’m making a comeback, I block a Shoryuken and I ex-Headbutt too early… damn.

I still won, but I felt like I made waaaaay too many mistakes.


~ by machombie on 07/29/2009.

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