Fight Night, Part 4

So I bought a new memory card for my camera, meaning more matches I can record without having to unload the stupid memory stick and miss some matches in between.

Sadly, as I said before, I don’t have a capture card, so I have to do a direct record of the screen. So these will be low res videos, but I hope to edit and upload some of the videos. I hope to get there eventually.

Anyway, on to the fights.

I left off on a semi-final match. The semi saw me against a Zangief… a terrible Zangief. So basically, the Gief was using Lariat a ton… and that’s about it. After getting hit a few things, and realizing this was a terrible Gief, it was just a matter of patiently running in, hitting his Lariats, and anti-airing as he jumped in. I EVEN used my Ultra as a keep away tactic. Classic.

Really easy match, moved on to Final.

My first final of the night was me vs. Ken. This Ken was definitely better than the Gief. He used (what I assume) was low Medium Kick and forward Medium Kick as pokes, occasionally comboing with a Hadouken.

It was basically a battle of attrition until I could catch him in a mistake. Lots of Focus Attacks to brush off his Hadoukens, lots of patient waiting to knock him down.

With my life at about 1/8, I had some ground to make up. I threw out an ex-Overhead Punch. I think he thought it was a low ex-Running Low Punch, he blocked high at first, but switched to low a few seconds into my move, which was perfect for me. I did my normal ex-Overhead, to Low Kick, to Hard Punch Buffalo Headbutt and comboed into the my full Ultra. This knocked us even. I caught him later with an ex-Rushing Upper out of the air. I think he was feeling the pressure at this point. The last hit of the round was an absorbed Hadouken to air Hard Punch, Low Punch to Running Punch combo. Really good match.

The second round was about the same, although he fought really well, was hitting me with some good crossups, he made one jump in mistake, and it was over. Buffalo Headbutt to Ultra ended the match.

Match 1 of my next championship round was another Balrog. Fairly easy, he Buffalo Headbutted a little too much, basically an easy match for me. I was even able to counter-hit ex-Overhead Smash, into Low Kick, into Hard Punch Headbutt, which is normally not possible on another Balrog.

Match 2 was a really good Ryu. He absolutely demolished me first round. Some well placed Focus Attacks and Shoryukens did me in. Second round, I came back hard, with some well timed Armor Break moves. The highlight of the match was a throw into a corner, focus attack on wake up, botched combo that ended up leading to a sweep. Wakeup ex-Overhead Smash, to Low Kick and Hard Punch Headbutt. This stunned him, so I Focus Attacked into a bread and butter combo. Needless to say, I won that match.

Sadly, even leading the third round, botched combos, botched blocking and poor choices on my part lead to a loss with Ryu having barely any life left.

The last championship of the night was pretty good for me. I played a mediocre Bison in Match 1. Match 2 had a really good block screen fake out (if I do say so myself) on my part. After a connected Running Punch, I jumped in with Hard Kick (which he blocked), crouching Light Punch, crouching Light Punch, crouching Light Kick (which he did not block) into Rushing Uppercut, into another Light Punch block string. I ended with an ex-Overhead Smash, Low Kick, into Hard Punch Headbutt.

Anyway, after one rage quitting Balrog (he beat me first round, and I made a comeback in the second round with a sliver of life left, and then I mysteriously lost the connection.) and one annoying Chun Li later, I was at another Final.

This was another Ken, score. Honestly, not a very good Ken, and I made too many mistakes. Jumped into a lot of Shorukens and Ultras, and punished many whiffs and blocks very poorly. I even lost the second round thanks to ex-Headbutting waaaaay too early. Went right past his whiffed ex-Shoryuken, got rocked.

In the end, he made way too many mistakes, more than I did, and I won.

I ranked up with that match, so I’m now in G2-A. Woo!

Two finals, just a few matches, but with prior commitments, I didn’t have too much time to play tonight. Either way, great night, hope to get some low quality videos up soon!


~ by machombie on 07/27/2009.

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