Fight Night, Part 3

I was completely off my game tonight.

I was getting attacked from the air when I really shouldn’t have been, my anti-air’s were a joke, and I just could not get my execution down tonight.

It was very frustrating, to the point I had to quit a little early. Highlights of the night include a Blanka who basically used Hard Kick, crouching Hard Kick all night to beat me.

For some reason, I just couldn’t get my reaction time to anti-air/Focus Attack.

I was stunned by a Sakura who beat the crap out of me, because I fell for her crossup a second time. I could have won the match, but I fell for the saaaaaame crossup.

Basically Focus Attack, to low Medium Kick, to ex-Shunpukyaku, to what appeared to be a dash forward, appeared to be a crouching Light Punch, and it made me recover, with her on the other side, in which case she did the same combo again, and threw in her Ultra at the end.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

The highlight of the night I suppose was beating a Zangief who thought he was good (and was taunting the whole match.) Also maybe the Vega who thought he was good with his terrible mixup of low and high normals. Overhead smashing never felt so satisfying.


~ by machombie on 07/25/2009.

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