Fight Night, Part 2

So this fight night is coming a little early, but for good reason. I had a bit more Street Fighter today, thanks to no cable.

First off, terrible day, but good night for Street Fighter!

So I decided to incorporate some stuff that other Balrog players swear by into my game. I’m normally not a fan, of let’s say Rushing Upper, or standing Medium Punch. Normally, I try to use crouching Hard Punch as my anti-air (or Light Buffalo Head if I’m charged) but after trying it out a bit on the CPU, I noticed some interesting properties of standing Medium Punch.

Now first off, on block, it has -4 frame advantage. However, I’m pretty sure that there isn’t a move that is active before the 4th frame… I assume, I haven’t seen one. Even in that case, it seems to push your opponent back (it has an interesting hitbox) and even a jab won’t reach. So it seems VERY safe, and it seems to have really good range too, even if it is a vertical attack. Basically, anyone walking forward will eat one and I think it’s Super cancelable. AND, when they jump in, it’s a fantastic anti-air. It seems to come out faster than crouching Hard Punch, as even when I start that move as soon as they jump, it seems to trade. Of course, damage wise, it’s less than Hard Punch, but that’s not really the point… getting someone off your ass without charge is definitely worth the damage.

I started throwing it in here and there, as a poke, and it works really well, it has deceptive range.

Rushing Upper is what most Balrog players swear by, and at first I was reluctant. But, as I said, I started throwing it in to my game. Good choice. Ex-Rushing Upper is amazing. I always knew Ex-Rushing Upper started combos, and with the armor absorb, it made for a good rush in, but I just was never confident enough in completing the combo after the Rushing Upward to merit it.

However, I have noticed that even on block, it has -1 frame advantage and on hit, it has the ridiculous +4, which is how you can combo it. So even if blocked, a quick jab will usually keep you safe from big retaliation, and normally you’ll lock them into a block string if you’re quick enough with your jab after the Rushing Upper. Then there is also that anti-air property. Even if those Ryus/Kens stick out there foot, which they normally do, it’ll suck that up and punish them for the effort.

My personal favorite use of it however, is the deceptiveness when incorporating it into your rush down game. If they duck, it’s very obvious, and you can grab, almost instantly. I love it. There’s nothing like rushing up and grabbing your opponent when they don’t expect it. Even if they block you can grab, if they’re afraid of the combo and do nothing to interrupt your step foward.

Now, almost all Balrog players know these things… but, it’s one of those things that you just don’t think of in the middle of a match. I started consciously throwing in these moves, to the point that my game has improved, and it’s really, really pleasing.

My next step is to work on crossups. Tonight, I used Focus Attack to get away from crossups, and for the most part, this seems to work well. The problem is, I find it unreliable. Most people jab if they see something absorbed, and it seems the dash away doesn’t get you quite far enough for the focus dash cancel to be viable without you taking the hit after the absorb. I’ll see, sometimes I Turn Around Punch (TAP from here on out) to get out, but that one can be fairly unreliable as well…

I’ll keep testing.


~ by machombie on 07/23/2009.

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