Fight Night, Part 1

So, almost every night, I try to play a little Street Fighter, try to get better and whatnot.

So each night, I’ll type a little something about the night, and possibly put up some fairly low quality (no capture card) examples of matches that night.

But for now, let’s go straight into it…

This was a terrible night.

Nearly every single Ryu/Ken, jumpy as hell, crossup happy player was out in full force. I’m terrible with crossups, I really am.

Normally I try to focus attack them and dash away, but it always seems they get lucky and start spamming punch or something, and there goes all that damage I absorbed… it’s very frustrating. Nearly every match I loss tonight was to a Ken or Ryu who thought jumping around and kicking is how you play this game.

Oh well, I suppose if it works.

I will admit, I was falling into patterns, something else I need to work on. I can’t tell you how many Shoryukens I ate because I kept jumping in after a Rush Punch or after a focused Hadouken.

I’m not sure how to go about changing that, as in the heat of a match, you really can’t realize what kind of patterns you happen to fall into. I need to consciously start moving away from tried and true strategies, maybe take some risks and whatnot.

A negative tonight? Losing to a Balrog and then getting sent the message “IM THE CHAMP CHUMP!” My title in Street Fighter IV says “I’m the champ!” I just use it because it shows I completed Balrog’s Hard Trails.

Oh well.

So a positive of tonight? I did win a good chunk of my matches, and I definitely beat a Cammy who kept taunting me during the match…


~ by machombie on 07/22/2009.

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