The Balrog Blog!

This… is a chronicle of my love for fighting games.

Thanks to Street Fighter IV, Evo 2009, and the upcoming BlazBlue (well, upcoming  for me, I missed out on the special edition console release) I’ve rediscovered my love for the fighting game.

Why? What is it about these games that keep me coming back for more? Even with the frustration and anger that sometimes comes from theses types of competitive games, I don’t think I can pass up a decent fighting game. With supers, ultras, specials, flashy moves that wouldn’t work in real life, but just look so cool in slow motion, I could not ask for more in a game.

Since my early days of Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Soul Calibur, my fascination with the fighting game has never wavered… and with Street Fighter IV bringing fighting games back to the front and center, I’m enjoying these games so much more.

This blog is log of my progression, of me learning the ins and outs of my main character in Street Fighter IV, Balrog. It’ll mostly be about Balrog, but fighting games are fighting games, and this will chronicle anything remotely relating to fighting games.

Currently, I’m playing Street Fighter IV and BlazBlue, with occasionally playing Guilty Gear. I hope to go back to Soul Calibur IV soon, but it’s been some time since I’ve touched it, so I’m sure I will be fairly rusty.



~ by machombie on 07/14/2009.

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